INFO: 第7回1000の小箱展 / National Open Art


I am exhibiting 2 small works in The 2014 Small Boxes Exhibition, Kankaku Museum in Miyagi, Japan. This museum of perception looks fascinating place to see as I am interested in (textile) arts related to human senses. The exhibition is using 1000 drawers and people can open as they like to enjoy the artworks until 1st of March 2015. (I should've taken some pics of works before I send them...! But I try to take some when I go see there in Feb.)


Also, I am selling a part of my artworks on The National Open Art Competition as it was shortlisted to their competition last summer. Please check this out.

The National Open Art Competitionというサイトで私の作品が売っています。これも夏にロンドンから応募したコンペにショートリストされたものです。


Post-Grad. Days in Sussex

As I said before, I've moved to Sussex in the late August.
Above is a moment of the day I moved into the house. What a sky.

A few days later, we had a walk to South Downs national park.
What a sky!

Last week at 7 o'clock when I've been for a walk alone.
This is a massive field just outside the house and I was a bit scared because I couldn't see anything. Though I can usually view the national park behind here. What a sky..!!

Windows of my room. Thanks for the flowers Mario.

And I do enjoy observing abandoned buildings like this. This one is found just around my living area.

My recent practice, outdoor printmaking.
I'm learning it from Dora under the sun.
I haven't been working with much colours so long for some reason, but now I'm enjoying my works to be coloured and layered on and on.

Photos by Dora Burns and Honami Nishii
Print works by Honami Nishii


Helping Dora Burns for her IN:SITE Project

Work by Dora Burns
Photo by Honami Nishii

I've been to Birmingham this week for the first time!
It was for helping my friend Dora Burns to make her site specific work at Birmingham Cathedral.
About the work please have a look at IN:SITE Festival.

Since this August I've been living in her place in London and Sussex, Dora and me are now family and co-workers in her garage. I was very happy to be involved to her project as an assistant.

I thought I was always an independent worker, not keen to team-work. But this time I'm learning a lot from her, liking team-work and our improvised uniform!

Honami and Dora in their uniform at the printing Stand

Dora checking resist print on fabric before indigo dyeing

We ombre-d our aprons in the end.



Photo ©GavinFreeborn

My irish friend Gavin wrote about me on his blog with nice portraits in Crystal Palace!
Also he is the one who took my artist photo on Honami Nishii's website.
I'm so pleased to be a part of his portrait project!

Photo ©generalLink

Also general Link (Japan) pre-cerebrated my return to Japan later this year.
Not planned what to do in Japan at all yet, but I am so excited to go back there soon.
I am lucky enough to have one remembering and waiting me in Japan.


Broken work and photo by Honami Nishii

I'm still alive, just being away from the Internet for a while.
Recently I've moved to West Sussex from London, I still keep making things as well as discovering new and being calm in countryside.

Being surrounded by fresh air and green is too good to me, like I didn't get mad even if I broke my fragile work like above.


Website update

Reproduced my embossed pieces (following on from graduate work) in smaller scale.
And they are neatly mounted and framed.